Meissen Blue Onion Pattern Sweet Meat Dishes

A few weeks ago I came across these beautiful Meissen double sweetmeat dishes, and wanted to write a post about them. These beautiful pieces are estimated to be from the mid to late 1800s and they feature a man with a soup bowl on one of them and a woman holding a duck on the other. Both of these beautiful pieces are hand decorated with the historic ‘Blue Onion’ pattern that originated in the Meissen factory which I plan on writing a separate post about.

Let’s talk about what a sweetmeat dish is: A sweetmeat dish is a type of dish which came in various forms, styles and sizes. It was used for serving sweetmeats which were small shaped pieces of confectionery consisting chiefly of sugar or chocolate with flavoring or filling at the end of the meal.

While I find these pieces to be beautiful and respect their long history, unfortunately they don’t really fit within our style so I didn’t acquire them but it is hard not to imagine a beautiful dinner party with these on display full of sweet little treats to enjoy after a wonderful meal.

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  1. Thank you for your help in identifying this / these items as ‘sweet meat dishes’. We were about to give up & just enjoy it for awhile.
    Have a fine day & stay well.

    In HIS graces,

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