What China Pattern Is Used in Netflix’s The Crown Season 4?

Like many of you, we recently started Season 4 of the Netflix Original Series: The Crown that was just released last weekend. I couldn’t help but notice a very familiar Royal Doulton pattern in S4 E2 during the breakfast scene at Balmoral Castle. The Queen is shown entering the dining room where the Royal Family very eager to tell her about an Imperial stag that had crossed onto Crown land. During the scene we are greeted with beautiful shots of the dining table setting, including an abundance of Royal Doulton English Renaissance pattern china on the table.

Royal Doulton English Renaissance Pattern (Source: Antique Millennial)

In fact, this is not the first time I noticed the pattern being used in the show. We used to have a full set of it, but now only have teacups remaining. I most definitely plan to have my tea in a matching teacup next time we sit down to watch an episode. Let me know in the comments below: do you watch The Crown? And if so are you enjoying the new season?

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